Housing Development Corporation HDC says a group of individuals has obstructed a survey underway at the Hiya Flats built on Phase II of Hulhumale'.

The Corporation said that the individuals had instigated fights to hinder the survey at the flats and that the incident had occurred last Friday.

HDC is collecting a variety of information in its survey in the newly populated Hiya Flats. This includes information about the people living at the flats as well as the extent of their knowledge of the regulations governing the flats.

HDC is also conducting the survey to assess the quality of its services at the flats.

The Corporation said that such surveys are meant to benefit the residents of the Hiya Flats and condemned any actions that hindered the survey.

It said that it is working alongside relevant government organizations to ensure that such events are not repeated in the future.

HDC also thanked those who cooperated its work at the Hiya Flats