Police say they have received a report of a minor threatening an adult with a sharp object from Baa Atoll Dharavandhoo last night.

Police said that report of the incident came in around 09:36 pm last night and that a minor had allegedly threatened an adult on the island.

They said that a 16-year-old boy had been arrested from the island in relation to the case and that Police were further investigating the matter.

Reports coming in from the island had said that last night, a girl was allegedly abducted on the island and her father was threatened with a sharp object.

Protests were also reported from the island following the harrowing incident.

Member of the Dharavandhoo Council Farahaa Adam said to 'The Press' that not much is clear about the incident that unfolded on the island last night.

But Farahaa said that the girl's family had called President of the Council to report her missing and asked for the council's help to mobilise the island's population to find the girl.