Police are investigating the alleged sexual abuse of a minor on an island in the northern central area of the country.

Police said the report of alleged sexual abuse against a 5-year-old was filed last night around 12:50 and that the report was filed at the police station overseeing the northern central islands.

They said that the police were now investigating the allegations.

While the island council had been unavailable for comments, "The Press" refrains from including any information that might compromise the identity of the victim.

Such cases of sexual abuse and molestations have been grabbing headlines recently with the most recent case coming from the capital city of Male' when a support staff at a pre-school allegedly molested a 4-year-old girl.

Police had arrested a 63-year-old woman in relation to the case but later released her.

In the last year, Police have been prioritizing the crimes committed against minors and children with sexual crimes given special importance.

Police have also been working to protect the identity of victims of such heinous crimes and have withheld information about the victim’s island or atoll or where the crimes happened in multiple cases.

Investigations and court procedures against alleged child abusers have been fast-tracked on several occasions with police adamant on revealing the identities of the suspects.