Maldives National Defense Force MNDF has condemned the abduction of one of their soldiers last night and said that they would bring the offenders to in front of justice.

In a statement, MNDF confirmed that Staff Sergeant Hassan Faheem was abducted and assaulted last night and that the armed forces strongly condemns the crime.

The statement confirmed that the soldier had been treated for his injuries in the hospital and Staff Sergeant Faheem had been discharged from the hospital earlier today.

MNDF said that the leadership of the armed forces was keeping a close watch on Faheem and that both President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi had called the victim to check on his condition.

The Leadership of MNDF met with the victim's family today/ Photo: MNDF

MNDF further said that it was working with Maldives Police Services to find those responsible for the crime and that they would bring those behind the crime in front of justice.

The Statement also said that offenders who commit such crimes to strike fear in people's hearts should not be allowed to achieve that goal.

MNDF also said that such cowardly acts against a member of the armed forces would not make the Maldives National Defense Force in their resolve to serve the country.

According to statements given by the victim's family, Staff Sergeant Hassan Faheem of the coast guard was abducted in Male' last night near Ace Hardware in the Maafannu ward.

He was taken by a group of masked men and was held for ransom till earlier this morning where he was dumped near IGMH.