A Maldivian fan has stood in the queue for 18 hours to buy a ticket for tomorrow's match against the Maldives and India in the SAFF Championship 2021.

This was confirmed by Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof.

Tickets for the match went on sale at 10:00 am today and the Football Associations of the Maldives FAM had announced beforehand that tickets for locals would be sold at the social center with 3 ticket counters set up.

FAM had also said that 3000 tickets were allocated for local fans and that only two tickets would be sold to each person.

This prompted eager fans to queue for tickets at midnight last night and Minister Mahloof confirmed that the first local fan who bought a ticket for the match had stood in line for 18 hours.

Fan who stood in queue for 18 hours to buy a ticket lauded by Youth Minister Mahloof/ Photo: Ahmed Mahloof

Minister Mahloof, who had promised better ticket arrangements for future tournaments, quoted as the fan saying that he had no problem staying in the queue for however long if he can surely get his hands on a ticket in the end.

Updating the ticket status, Minister Mahloof had later announced that the ticket counters at the social center had sold 20 tickets per minute on average.

Mahloof went on to say that in light of the current tournament, FAM and the Ministry would make arrangements to sell tickets online and sell them before each tournament begins in the future.