Parliament's Secretariat says the Speaker and the Vice Speaker of the Parliament are against the decision to allow friends of MPs to use the VIP lounge at the airport.

The decision was made at a closed-door meeting of the parliament's general-purpose committee yesterday and had said that two friends in addition to MPs family would be allowed to use the VIP services at the airport.

Though the decision is yet to be passed by the parliament.

Speaking to "The Press" about this matter, Communication Director at the parliament Hassan Ziyau quoted Vice Speaker Eva Abdullah and said that the decision would affect the parliament's budget and hence the speaker and the Vice-Speaker did not support this decision.

Ziyau said that the parliament wants to keep implementing the 19th Parliament's decision on the usage of the VIP lounge and that the Vice Speaker would discuss the matter with the MPs on the General Purpose Committee.

Taking to tweeting to comment on the issue, MP for Villimale constituency Ahmed Usham said that this decision was not made by the whole of the parliament but by 8 members of the same party that are on the General Purpose Committee.

Usham said that most of the MPs got to know about the decision from the news and that he does not support this decision.

Although previous parliaments have not set a limit for the use of the VIP services for MPs, the 19th Parliament had revised the rules to only allow the MPs families to use the VIP lounge.