Foreign Ministry says it is looking into the reports of a Maldivian who was murdered in Italy.

Local media have reported that 44-year-old Mahmood Imad was found killed and hanged in his wife's home in Milan. The deceased is said to be married to an Italian woman and was found by his mother-in-law.

Reports have also said that both Imad's wife and father-in-law are currently visiting the Maldives and that Imad was supposed to join them later this month.

Speaking to "The Press", the Director of Communications at the Foreign Ministry Miuvaan Mohamed said that the ministry is now looking into the reports of the victim's death.

He also said that the Ministry would offer consular services to the family of the deceased.

Some reports also said that a few of Imad's fingers had been chopped off when he was found. But the family had said to the media that Imad's body showed no physical injuries when he was found dead.