Presidential Spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Azeez has confirmed that the curfew currently in place in the Greater Male' Area would be lifted imminently.

Speaking to reporters today, Mabrook said that the curfew would be lifted starting tomorrow. Currently, the curfew is in place from 08:00 pm to 04:00 am every day.

The curfew was first implemented on May 12th amid a dramatic rise in cases.

Mabrook also said that restaurants and cafes' would be allowed to host dine-in customers till 11:30 pm and that businesses would be able to operate for extended hours.

Mabrook also said daycares and cinemas would be allowed to open for business as per the guidelines set by the Health Protection Agency.

The presidential spokesperson noted that gatherings of less than 30 people would now be allowed in the Greater Male' Area under the guidelines set by HPA.

The eases to restrictive were announced amid a significant drop in cases in the country, especially in the Greater Male' Area.