The Restaurant Association of Maldives says it is planning to stage a peaceful protest in Male' tomorrow to voice concerns over the devastating effects of the restrictive measures taken against COVID-19.

In a tweet, the association said that a peaceful protest would be held on tomorrow near the carnival stage area around 04:00 pm and urged owners of eating establishments to join their protest.

The move to protest against the measures come as the number of daily COVID cases dropped dramatically in the Greater Male' Area, where a month ago the infection was rampant.

Yesterday, HPA had reported only 30 new cases in the capital city and the drop in cases has prompted the Health Protection Agency HPA to ease some of the restrictive measures it had taken to curb the pandemic in the area. This includes shortening the curfew time from 06:00 pm to 04:00 am.

However, HPA had insisted that measures taken against eating establishments in the Greater Male' Area would remain in place in a bid to further control the pandemic.

HPA had said that cafes'/ restaurants should only be open for takeaways and that during the curfew hours dine-ins or takeaways should not be allowed.