Managing Director of Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) Adam Mohamed Ilyas has expressed concern saying that some labs in the greater Male' Area are disposing of COVID samples with general waste.

Speaking in Raaje TVs fala suruhee program, Adam said that some labs have violated the packing standards set for disposing of positive COVID samples.

He said that such samples have been included in general waste which WAMCO staff collect from the labs.

Adam said that such actions should not be seen from medical facilities amid the serious pandemic situation the country is dealing with right now, especially the greater Male' Area.

He insisted that these actions are done deliberately and that the corporation finds it difficult to accept the sad truth.

Adam said that WAMCO staff collect waste from 9 medical facilities and urged all to adhere to the protocols that safeguard public health amid the pandemic.

WAMCO had continued to provide its services throughout the pandemic and had designed its services in a bid to ensure the safety of its staff during the pandemic.