The Male' City Council begins disinfecting the streets of Male' today as the COVID-19 illness remains rampant in the capital city.

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was on hand today to kick off the disinfection process in the Male' and said that this process began with the request of the Health Ministry and the Health Protection Agency.

The Mayor said that the city council plans to disinfect and wash all the streets of Male' and that it would first prioritize the most bustling roads in the capital city. He also said that the council would also prioritize the most used roads including those near markets, ferry terminals, and hospitals.

The city council also said that it would carry out the process of disinfecting and cleaning in Villimale and Hulhumale' as well.

Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu/ Photo: City Council

Meanwhile, Mayor Muizzu called on state utility companies to provide bill eases to the citizens of Male' City amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a tweet, the Mayor said that while authorities have declared a curfew in the Greater Male' Area, this had negatively impacted the income of many living in the city.

He implored that authorities should grant eases to the citizens of Male' from their water and electricity bill during these difficult times.