Police have arrested three men for vandalizing the headquarters of the majority party of the coalition government MDP after its windows were smashed on Tuesday following unrest at the Elections Commission earlier that day.

Speaking to "The Press", Police had said that three local men were arrested yesterday and last night for the offense. Police said that the suspects were arrested under a court order.

It added that the men who were arrested in relation to the incident include a 23-year-old, a 24-year-old, and a 36-year-old local man.

The headquarters of MDP was vandalized after violence ensued at the Elections Commission on Tuesday after supporters from MDP and the opposition coalition clashed at the elections office.

Protesters gathered at Commission Headquarters yesterday/ Photo: The Press4

They clashed after opposition supports made their way to the elections headquarters after reports suggesting that the MDP leadership were seeking to unseal some of the ballot boxes after calling for a vote recount.

The elections Commission accused the opposition of instigating violence on Tuesday while it denied these accusations and said that the presence of the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed disrupted the peace on that day.