A woman has died in Addu city after sustaining serious injuries in a road accident on the Addu Link road earlier today.

Sources have confirmed that Fathimath Asma of S.Hithadhoo, Sanreef had died while under treatment at Addu Equatorial Hospital for the injuries she had sustained during the accident that happened in the afternoon.

Reportedly, she had received serious injuries to her upper body and head.

Sources have said that the accident occurred after she fell off her motorcycle while riding back to her home in Maradhoo Feydhoo having dropped off her child at Addu High School.

But it is unclear how she fell off her cycle and how she had sustained such serious injuries that had cost her life.

Police are now investigating the incident.

Road accidents are now common in both Male' Area and the Atolls as most islands now have motorized vehicles on their roads.

Last month, two young men lost their lives in a car crash in Fuvmulah City after they lost control of the car they were riding and it collided with a tree.