The opposition coalition of PPM and PNC has today passed a motion to expel President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from his post as the government continues to face the repercussions of a leaked document dubbed the Uthurufalhu Agreement signed between India and the Maldives.

The motion passed by the council states that President Solih is governing the country outside of the constitution of the Maldives.

It also stated that the leaked agreement had several factors that jeopardizes the country's sovereignty and security of the nation.

The motion also stated the such an agreement was established with the direct involvement of President Solih and this constitutes a violation of the constitution. It added that that opposition coalition would now begin its work to see the ouster of President Solih from his post.

The opposition motion also noted that the agreement signed between the Maldives and India had not been shared with the Parliament and that this is a concerning matter.

Defense Ministry was quick to label the leaked document as a fake and baseless document and urged all to refrain from spreading false information that would put the country's security at risk.

The 'fake' document was leaked to the media by former Home Minister Umar Naseer and MPs from the ruling MDP had called on the government to take action against the ex-Minister.