Former Housing Minister and PPM Mayoral candidate for Male' City Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has voiced concerns over the financial states of many cafes and restaurants operating in the Greater Male' Area.

In a tweet, Muizzu said that the economical loss sustained by these establishments are irreversible and that the Male' City Council and the government itself must now take the issue seriously.

Mayoral Candidate Dr. Muizzu

He added that the authorities must also act to save these businesses as many are now nearing bankruptcy.

The former Minister's stark warning came as Health Protection Agency HPA announced that the COVID restrictive measures taken against eating establishments such as cafes and restaurants would be extended for another week.

HPA had said earlier that in order to control the movement of people within the Greater Male' Area, cafes and restaurants in the area must close their doors for dine-ins at 08:00 pm every day.

HPA had also said that such businesses can make takeaway orders and deliveries till 10:30 pm every night.

The restrictive measures taken against COVID-19 are yet to show any lasting results as the COVID numbers continuing to rise in the country. Yesterday, HPA had reported another 114 new cases of COVID-19 in the Maldives including 86 in the Greater Male' Area.