Maldivian government has strongly condemned the cowardly attack on the petroleum tank farms at the Ras Tanura Port in the Eastern Region, and the attempted attacks targeting Saudi Aramco’s residential area in the city of Dhahran, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry noted that the deliberate cowardly act targeting civilian areas and economic infrastructure clearly violates international laws and threatens the security of the Kingdom and the region together with the stability of global energy supplies.

It said that such deplorable acts of terrorism also negatively impact the positive developments in finding peaceful solutions to the conflicts in the region.

The Ministry added that the Government of Maldives reaffirms its solidarity with the brotherly people and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reiterates its steadfast commitment to the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

Maldives was joined by several other countries in condemning the attacks on the port.

The Kingdom said the drone attack on Ras Tanura Port and attempted missile strike on an Aramco residential area had targeted global energy supplies.

Ras Tanura is one of the world’s largest oil shipping ports and the Aramco complex in Dhahran houses workers and their families from all over the world.