Bank of Maldives BML has urged its customers to stop depositing items other than cash at its self-servicing ATMs.

In a statement, BML said that it has come to the attentio of the bank that ATMs are going out of service due to items other than cash being deposited into the machines.

BML said that when this happens, its teams have to travel to service the ATMs.

BML said that they work within the guidelines set by the authorities during this challenging period, it will take time to physically attend to and resolve these issues.

The Bank said that depending on the damage caused, it is often required to source ATM spares from overseas.

BML added that due to the current situation, this may mean an extended period of time without service, which is an inconvenience to its customers and the entire community.

The bank urged its customers to ensure only cash notes are deposited and remind everyone to follow the guidelines when using the ATM Centres.

BML added that this would ensure the community is able to access self-service banking services through these ATMs