MP for Maduvari Constituency and former Defense Minister Adam Shareef Umar says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih should face a vote of no-confidence instead of his Minister of Communications Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal.

Speaking at the parliamentary debate over the motion to dismiss the under-fire Minister, MP Shareef said that many are facing challenges while using the internet at a time where it has become necessity even for education.

He said that the government should be giving a subsidy for internet services because of its enhanced importance in today's society.

MP Shareef said that the government had failed to deliver in this regard and is instead bent on dismissing its Ministers to make-up for the failure.

He added the because of this failure many have lost their jobs while some are at the risk of losing their jobs.

Shareef said that MP's representing the major partner in the current coalition government MDP also believed that the government is behind in fulfilling its pledges to the people of the Maldives.

He said that the current coalition would unravel if the government continue to fail in this regard but questioned the sincerity of the MDP MPs in rectifying the matter.

MP Shareef added that if the MPD MPs were really honest in their attempts, they would take a vote of confidence against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and not Minister Maleeh.