Gender Ministry has urged the country not to spread false news and information about the children under the state's care.

The Ministry issued a statement regarding the matter after tension arose in islands with state-run orphanages after some had spread false information about the government's charges. Some islands had even reported protests and scuffles regarding the issue.

Most of the children under that state's care are placed in the orphanages established in the capital city but the Ministry had been working to relocate these children to safer facilities in Baa. Eydhafushi, Sh. Funadhoo and Fuvahmulah.

The Ministry said in its statement that the relocation work itself is difficult but made more troublesome by some who had been spreading false news about the children. It said the children had been negatively impacted by such misinformation and that the ministry's work had been rife with obstacles.

It also said that these children come under the state's care because of troubling home life that cannot guarantee a safe and secure childhood and most of these children had experienced psychological trauma that had impacted their life. It said that these children need special attention and guidance before they are re-introduced to the community but also that there are several obstacles to tackle before achieving this.

Gender Ministry said that it would need the help of other government institutions as well as society as a whole to ensure this.

Earlier this year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced that 51 children under state care at the orphanages established in the capital city have now been relocated to safe facilities in Baa. Eydhafushi, Sh. Funadhoo and Fuvahmulah city.

He made this announcement while giving his annual President Address to the parliament earlier this month.

President Solih said that when his administration came into government, there were children under state care housed in vulnerable conditions at the shelters located in Kudakudhinge Hiyaa, Villimale’ and Fiyavathi, Hulhumale’.

He noted that some of these children have endured physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their caretakers.

President added that these cases are currently under investigation.

He said that the government began working on developing the conditions for these children to be brought up in social and familial settings.