Islamic Ministry says it has decided to re-compile the Poor and Needy registry for Male' City.

In an announcement, the Ministry said that it has planned open to re-registration later this month.

It said that registration is set to open from the 21st of this month and would be open till the 21st of March.

Islamic Ministry also said that those who wish to be included in the registry can send in their application forms within this period.

It said that the application form would be available via the Ministry's website as well as its counter and said that applications should be sent in via email.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a devastating effect on the country's economy and in turn, resulted in several families facing economic hardships as a result.

Authorities now believe that more individuals have been forced to add their names to the Poor and Needy registry due to these hardships.

The current registry had been under review since July 2020 and the latest registry included 11,514 individuals who were deemed poor or needy.