Gaafu Alifu Dhevadhoo Council says a total of 33 cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed from the island.

Speaking to 'The Press', President of the Dhevadhoo Council Ibrahim Thaufeeq said that 16 people had tested positive for COVID-19 from the islands yesterday.

He said that this has in turn taken the total number of positive cases now confirmed from the island to 33.

He also said that two high-risk patients had tested positive for COVID-19 and that authorities were now treating one of the individuals at the COVID facility in the neighboring Villigilli. Thaufeeq noted that both the patients were stable.

He also reported that among the COVID-19 cases reported from the island, there were 4 children below the age of 12 years and one of the children was just four months old.

Thaufeeq added that 3 people who previously tested positive for COVID-19 had now recovered from the illness.

Explaining the current situation on the island, the Council President said that 56 houses on the island were currently under quarantine. He said that the inhabitants were currently instructed to strictly follow Health Protection Agency HPA guideline and have been further ordered not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.

Thaufeeq noted that the council was trying to help all the households with daily necessities and that other islands from Gaafu Alifu Atoll and Gaafu Dhaalu atolls were helping provide necessary items too.

Dhevadhoo was placed under monitoring after authorities detected a suspected case of COVID-19 community spread following several positive cases from the island.

Related cases have been reported from Hulhumale' and Laamu Atoll Fonadhoo, prompting authorities to place Fonadhoo and Gan of the same atoll under monitoring as well.