President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the government is planning to build a cancer hospital in Laamu Atoll Gan.

He made the comments after visiting Gan in Laamu Atoll this evening where the President met with members of the local community and delivered remarks outlining the Government’s development priorities for the atoll.

He also inaugurated several recently completed projects on the island, including the CT scan service at Laamu Gan Regional Hospital, Laamu Gan Zone Stadium, and the Laamu Gan Central Power Plant. The President stated that these projects are a demonstration of this Government’s commitment to decentralizing basic services.

President Solih announced that the Cancer Hospital will be built in Laamu Gan with the assistance of the Indian Government.

He said the two countries have shared the documents on the project a few days ago and construction work on the hospital is set to begin next year.

In his speech, the President emphasized, in particular, the establishment of a tertiary level hospital in Laamu Atoll, which now provides CT scanning services, and contains high-quality, modern health equipment.

He noted that the hospital greatly enhances healthcare accessibility for the local community, who no longer need to travel to the capital to access basic healthcare needs.