Dhiraagu introduces ‘Ecosys’ to the hospitality industry in the Maldives in order to consolidate and unify mission-critical services into a single platform.

Dhiraagu said the Ecosys is an innovative and future proof platform developed specifically for the Maldives’ hospitality industry and aimed to provide resorts with protection and real-time monitoring that will ease operations of the management.

This platform is designed with 5 major services to cater to hospitality client requirements for; Fire Detection, Audio Services, Drone Deployment Service, Intruder Detection, and Location-Based Services.

The telecom giant said that the ‘Ecosys’ platform has been developed by Dhiraagu with insights and research done together with the hospitality industry experts in the Maldives.

It said that Dhiraagu Ecosys fire service is an innovative fire alarm monitoring system that is securely integrated into the customer’s existing network and geographical location, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of existing systems.

The Fire service dashboard allows easy identification of incident locations minimizing crucial response times.

Dhiraagu said that location-based service provides exclusive monitoring of land and sea areas.

It noted that a multitude of devices including GPS tracking devices, motion sensors, CCTV cameras are used to track and monitor land areas on the island. It can analyze live feeds and playback recordings.

Dhiraagu said the Ecosys hospitality platform uses a dynamic and flexible sound system spanning multiple uses and can be used as a Public Announcement (PA) system, Background Music (BGM) system and it can even be used by the guests to play their own music using the in-room devices of the platform.

Integrated with other services of the Dhiraagu Ecosys Platform, the Drone Service will increase efficiency in monitoring of land and sea by capturing emergency situations.

Dhiraagu said that drone services allow both automatic and manual flight control and will be an enhancement to overall key monitoring purposes.

It highlighted that the Intruder detection services intelligently monitor pre-defined areas for moving vehicles and vessels while utilizing geofencing technology movement in these areas use object analysis and immediate notifications are sent out once a threat is detected.