Minister of Housing and Planning Mohamed Aslam says building a cable car network would be an impossible task.

He made this comment while speaking at the parliament today after he was summoned to the legislative house for questioning.

During the questioning, MP for Kaashidhoo constituency Abdullah Jabir asked the minister why the government had failed to give its backing to his proposed cable car project.

Giving his answer to the MP, Minister Aslam said that the cable car project would be an impossible task and that it should not even be attempted.

Minister Aslam said he personally did not believe such a project would be a feasible project and said that he did not believe that it can be done.

Connecting Kaafu Atoll Kashidhoo and Kaafu Atoll Gaafaru via a cable car network is one of the pledges MP Jabir had made during his campaign to secure the seat for the constituency.

Many had ridiculed the idea but MP Jabir had insisted that he would make this pledge a reality. He had said that such a project would take the country’s tourism industry to another level.