The Attorney General’s Office says the newly proposed anti-defamation bill is not a threat to the media or journalists in the country.

It said that the proposed bill would not hinder reporters and their work but the government and Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath are working to make seeking compensation for defamation a civil claim.

AGO proclaimed that the new bill is unlike the anti-defamation act used by the administration of former President Abdullah Yameen to fined media for their reporting as well as hindered the freedom of expression. The current administration had repealed the law in late 2018.

The Attorney General’s Office also said that anti-defamation regulations are currently begin implemented through common laws and but when it becomes a law it would fall under civil law.

It also said that the proposed bill is currently at the draft stage.

This comes after the AGO revealed that it would propose 28 new bills to the third term of the current parliament that restarted yesterday after a month-long recess.

Having been a great critic of the previous anti-defamation act and having orchestrated its repeal in 2018, the current administration is attractive heavy criticism from local media on its attempt to pass another anti-defamation law that could be used to silence media and reporters.