MP for Maradhoo Constituency Ibrahim Shareef (mavota) says the country is going through a tough and turbulent time, in which, the intermingling of responsibilities, tasks, and authorities among legislative, executive, and judicial branches, had resulted in an unhealthy political culture.

In a series of tweets, he said that the demarcation of the division of power is blurred and that the system of checks and balance has become meaningless if not division of power is fully adhered to.

He flowered praise on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih by saying that the President has made huge efforts to improve our country’s system of governance by implementing good governance practices at all levels of government.

However, he said that there are still many issues that remain unresolved due to the fragile political structure and continuing instability.

He reiterated that the parliament has to give its full support to the government of President Solih to strengthen the governance system n bring about necessary reforms to build a foundation for a better future.

Further backing President Solih, MP Shareef said that the President is determined to strengthen the country’s institutions and is formulating plans to improve standards n codes that encompass macroeconomic policies including fiscal and financial policies.

He noted that developing strong institutions is an investment to build a better future and that it will also help the country to reach its full potential while enhancing the living conditions of its citizens.

MP Shareef said that Strong institutions matter in terms of delivering sustainable growth and that they matter in limiting the cost of crises as and when they arise.