Dhiraagu has successfully concluded a webinar on ‘Paradigm Shift in Digital Healthcare’ together with industry experts for healthcare providers.

The company said it hosted the Webinar on Dhiraagu Evvun Platform and attended by representatives from the Ministry of Health, Hospitals, and Clinics.

Dhiraagu said that the webinar’s keynote was delivered by Dr. Adam Chee, who is an expert in digital health.

It said that he serves as the Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Chee has more than 20 years of experience in health informatics, digital health, innovation, technologies, and business.

Dhiraagu said that his keynote examined the need for Digital Health Transformation, its impact on both health providers and patients as well as some best practices and recommendations for clinics that are embarking the journey of digitizing their healthcare practices. He also highlighted trends and use cases of digitization in healthcare both prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dhiraagu also took the opportunity to officially launch Magey Memo, a WebApp, and cloud-based software that can be used to manage doctor’s scheduled and appointments.

Dhiraagu said that it is a fully functional doctor and outpatient management system equipment with real-time reporting, booking, and a monitoring dashboard.

Dhiraagu assured that with Aasandha integrated into the system, clinics will be relieved from multiple entries into different platforms for Aasandha claim. It added that all fees and deductions will be calculated before processing the payment, allowing an efficient transaction.

During the webinar, all Dhiraagu Business Solutions which are readily available were further highlighted.

The company said that these solutions will help health care professionals to make their patients feel safe and secure while giving medical assistance.

Dhiraagu said that the healthcare professionals who joined the webinar also had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A panel discussion with Dr. Abdul Azeez Yoosuf, a Specialist in Internal Medicine with Post Graduate specialized training in the UK with NHS Hospital work experience.

He is one of the most well-respected doctors in the Maldives with over 38 years of experience. He is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of IGM Group of Hospitals.

Dhiraagu said together with Dr. Azee, Ahmed Shinau Abdul Gadir, Manager Business Development, and Aminath Shooza, Product Development and Innovations Manager at Dhiraagu joined the panel discussion.

It said that panelists highlighted the need for the integration of digital technology into all aspects of health and social organizations interacts and how it creates value for patients and beneficiaries.