Health Protection Agency HPA confirms that a total of three islands are currently under monitoring as authorities place Noonu Manadhoo under monitoring.

HPA had said that along with Manadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Hoadehdhoo and Madaveli remained under monitoring.

Earlier today, HPA had confirmed that a local man under home quarantine in Manadhoo had tested positive for COVID-19.

Sources from the island had said that the man had violated home quarantine rules and had gone out into the public while under quarantine.

Speaking to ‘The Press’ Manadhoo council said HPA had placed the island under monitoring to identify the contacts of the individual tested positive and that contact tracing was currently underway.

The Council said that it cannot confirm with certainty that the individual had violated home quarantine rules and that the HPA was now investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, HPA had placed Hoadehdhoo under monitoring in light of a local transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic in the island. Authorities have now reported a total of 38 cases of COVID-19 from the island and had placed Madaveli under monitoring as it connected to Hoadedhoo via a causeway.

HPA said 28 islands across the country are hosting active cases of COVID-19. It also said 25 resorts in the country have active cases of COVID-19 including 13 tourists and 42 staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed 31 lives in the Maldives including 25 locals and 6 foreigners.