Gaaf Dhaal atoll Hoadehdhoo reports a total of 19 positive cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, 05 September 2020.

Meanwhile the island nation reports expanding spread of the viral contagion with several islands outside of Greater Male' Region, while total cases have surpassed 8,300.

According to dashboard updates on Ministry of Health the total reported cases in Maldives have hit 8,361 - inclusive of active cases and recoveries.

So far Health Authorities confirm active cases from well over 30 different islands while the second wave of the disease have proven more alarming than the first instance of the outbreak.

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) confirm the 19 individuals from the island include 11 males and 8 females.

Patients who contracted the disease include two infants below the age of 1 year, 8 children between the ages 1 to 18 and 7 individuals between the ages 18 to 50 as well as 2 individuals above the age of 50.

Moreover, HEOC confirms all 19 patients had contracted the disease from individuals who had not been identified as direct contacts from any cluster.

Previously the islands reported a total of 4 positive cases, all of whom turned in with positive test results following the 14 day quarantine period.