Islamic Ministry says the government would reimburse the Hajj Groups who have paid registration fees this year.

The Ministry said since it had revoked the announcement it published in February requesting for proposal from companies and groups that want to arrange hajj trips this year, the government would reimburse the 18 parities that had submitted proposals and paid the registration fees this year.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia had decided this year that it would not allow Muslims from other nations to attend the annual Hajj pilgrimage due to the COVID-19 pandemic and only permitted a selected number of its own citizens and citizens of other nationalities currently residing in the kingdom to perform the rituals of hajj this year.

Five Maldivians were chosen to take part in the unprecedented Hajj rituals performed earlier this year.

The rituals were performed within the boundaries of social distancing protocols and attracted the admiration of the world health body WHO, which thanked Saudi Arabia for showing the world that the pandemic does not have to hinder such events.