Maldives Correctional Service on Tuesday, 01 September 2020, confirms discovering new positive cases of Covid-19 from Hulhumale' Jail.

According to the authority, a total of 9 inmates and 5 detainees at the premises had tested positive for the viral disease. Moreover, Maldives Correctional Service confirms these include individuals of whom samples have been collected from 23 August until current date.

Health authorities had tested 10 officers stationed at Hulhumale' Jail along with 41 inmates. Correctional Service confirms all of the officers had tested negative for Covid-19 while 16 out of the 41 inmates had tested positive for the virus.

Moreover, the authority confirms a total of 19 samples out of the entire batch had come negative while 6 samples were still under pending.

On the other hand, expatriate detainees held at the facility were tested for presence of the disease as well. Under the operation, 31 of these expatriates were tested out of which 19 had tested positive with 16 negative results and 5 samples still in pending.