Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has criticized the opposition led rally on Friday afternoon.

The Maldives head of the state made the statement while attending to asess the damage of a fire incident at Henveiru district on late evening of Friday. On Friday around 22:30hrs, reports came of a fire striking in an establishment situated between buildings that house the USD ATMs of Bank of Maldives and State Bank of India (SBI).

In his criticism, President Solih strongly disapproved the Progressive Coalition's conduct in initiating the rally on Friday afternoon, which saw participation of members of the youth as well.

President Solih drew criticism towards the top-brass of the Maldives opposition noting they were found in clear violation of health and safety guidelines imposed by the government.

Moreover, the Maldives head of the state warned swift action against anyone found in breach of regulations imposed for the benefit of the public.

Friday's political rally saw participation of youths along with the leaders of the opposition movement. The most significant participation in Friday's rally came from Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hussain Manik, who had been a former ally of current ruling party.

Dr. Waheed had been the Running-Mate of current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed during the 2008 presidential election, who went on to become the Vice President following MDP's win that year. Dr. Waheed would take charge as interim president following Nasheed's decision to step down from presidency in 2012.

In his speech, Dr. Waheed lambasted the incumbent administration, calling it a failed government. He was critical towards the conduct of current government noting it has failed heavily in providing safety and protection to the country's citizens.

Dr. Waheed, who delivered his speech at Friday's rally without wearing a face mask has since attracted heavy criticism from ruling party members and affiliates.