The deputy president and former Baarah constituency lawmaker Ibrahim Shujau has heavily criticized the incumbent state, urging for the immediate resignation of its executive.

According to the opposition party's deputy the current state is observed as an incompetent one, which is attempting to fine the public to adjust for state expenses. His harsh criticisms have followed after Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced fining vehicle owners found breach of traffic restriction hour effective from Sunday, 23 August starting at 20:00hrs every evening.

Moreover, the former lawmaker placed heavy criticism on the government suggesting the state will not survive any longer given the current status. He also called out for the resignation of incumbent head of state Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, saying it will be in the public's best interest if his government is unable to strategize state's earning.

Furthermore Shujau argues the current government's actions can be regarded as an attempt to 'confine the public within their homes' while pushing to 'sell the country' to foreign allies.

Shujau had also advised the Maldives president to hand over the presidential responsibilities to a party and individual with more capabilities and step down if Solih is unable to run the country.

The PNC deputy also claims the 19th congress of the incumbent government has failed.