A large group of local fishermen are on strike at Gaaf Alif atoll Kooddoo over non-payment issues.

Sources claim the local fishermen have not been paid wages for the fish they weighed and sold to the fish processing plant. Meanwhile, local police are active at the site of the strike.

Moreover, Maldives Police confirm the strike was continuing without any conflict or confrontation between the parties involved in the incident.

Local law enforcement authority confirms they were attempting to resolve the conflict, adding they were trying to communicate with all the relevant parties to the protest.

According to the fishermen who were on strike, they claim not receiving the payment for the fish they sold to Kooddoo fishing plant a month prior.

Furthermore, the source who spoke with local media confirm a total of 12 pending payment bills which amount to an estimated total of MVR1 million.

The local fishermen have been protesting at Kooddoo for a few days according to the source reporting the event.

Kooddoo is a fish processing factory operated under the management of MIFCO while the issue with payment have been mounting for sometime according to local fishermen. Many have lodged several complaints over delays in payment on previous occasions.

Meanwhile, MIFCO claims the delays in payment arise due to issues in selling the fish above its buying prices.