Maldives government extend the ban on commissioning Bangladesh expatriates to the country for employment.

Earlier in 2019, Maldives government made the announcement of banning the entry for Bangladesh expatriates for employment purposes for a period of one year. Based on previous standings, the due on this period will be on the following month of September.

Meanwhile Maldives Ministry of Economic Development reports possible stretch on the ban for another year if the issue related to Bangladesh expatriates do not get resolved.

The ban on Bangladesh expatriates came through after an unskilled labor quota was appointed for countries, under which each country will have a maximum unskilled labor quota of 150,000.

The government of Maldives have managed to send off a total of 4,805 illegal Bangladeshi workers between the period from 21 April until 10 August.

Moreover, Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail affirms a total of 20,000 expatriate workers will be repatriated before the end of 2020.