Health Protection Agency HPA reports 156 new cases of COVID-19 today as the country prepares for the worst-case scenario of the global pandemic.

In its latest tweet, HPA confirmed that out of the 156 new cases 134 were locals and that the remaining cases included 20 Bangladeshis, 1 Indian and 1 Sri Lankan.

HPA also said that out of the 156 new cases, 154 were reported in the Greater Male’ Area while 2 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed from the islands.

This takes the total number of cases in the country to a staggering 3949 since its first case back in March of this year.

HPA also said that 6 people recovered from the illness today taking the total number of recovered cases to 2613.

But currently, there are 1305 active cases of COVID-19 with 72 individuals hospitalized for further treatment.

HPA confirmed that 815 individuals remained in isolation facilities while 10 islands have active cases of COVID-19.

The country is experiencing a massive surge of new cases and the pandemic is expected to get worsen in the coming weeks.

The Maldives has recorded 16 COVID-19 deaths since the outbreak including 11 locals and 5 foreigners.