Maldives state has pressed charges against the alleged suspect in the rape case involving a disabled minor.

The suspect was alleged with raping a 15 year old minor with disability.

Prosecutor General's Office confirms the suspect, Ibrahim Shafiu of Feeali, was charged under the special provisions of offenses against children - under section 9 of the act - for engaging in a sexual act with a minor.

Earlier, Faafu atoll Feeali magistrate's court ordered a remand on Shafiu until the trial proceedings while he was arrested on 2 July 2020 under a court order.

Prosecution at magistrate's court argued Shafiu's release before trial end will give rise in the possibility of attempting to subdue or coerce witnesses to the case as well as contaminate evidences. Moreover prosection argued releasing the alleged suspect in the case may pose dangers to the community as well.