Authorities on Wednesday have released two individuals detained from opposition coalition led protest on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday evening's opposition coalition led protests that proceeded at Henveiru, authorities made arrest of PPM council member Ahmed Nareesh along with another protester.

Following their release Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) Deputy President Ahmed Shiyam remarked the two were released due to the charges pressed against them.

According Shiyam, both protesters were charged under Public Health Safety Act, which does not provision any criminal charges to be levied on anyone.

Maldives political opposition led by PPM along with ally PNC continues their series of protests on the streets of the country's capital, voicing their distrust against incumbent state.

Meanwhile, local law enforcement authorities have been sighted using pepper-spray against protest participants on multiple occasions.

During Tuesday evening's protest, some of its participants attempted to penetrate through police ranks which resulted in authorities resorting to utilization of pepper-spray.

Maavashu constituency lawmaker, Mohamed Saeed was admitted at ADK Hospital - close in vicinity of the protest - after he was pepper-sprayed.