Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer on Monday confirms over 6,600 individuals have been provisioned with a collective total of MVR27.2 million as Income Support Allowance.

According to the minister, a total of 6,638 people facing employment setbacks amid the ongoing economic crisis due to Covid-19 global pandemic, received the allowance.

The confirmation was made by the Maldives cabinet member on Monday on the popular micro-blogging platform; Twitter.

Maldives government initiated the Income Support Scheme under the Economic Relief Package worth MVR2.5 billion. Meanwhile, World Bank have made provisions of USD12.8 million to Maldives state to assist in its efforts to support the working-class citizens of the country.

Statistics reveal that the government have made an estimate total disbursement of MVR17 million during the last three-week period under the Income Support Scheme.

The income support allowance initially was disbursed on 20 May 2020, through the specific channel enacted at National Social Protection Agency (NSPA); while the people who have registered for the assistance are subject to receive MVR5,000 on a monthly basis.