Maldives state has pressed a criminal charge against Ahmed Atthaf, who was arrested for marrying a minor illegitimately.

Authorities had arrested Atthaf for marrying a seventeen year old girl, regarded as a minor according to Maldives Constitution, outside the authorities of local courts.

Meanwhile Prosecutor General's Office is pressing the charge for the crime of touching a minor with sexual intent, and the case was lodged at Meemu atoll Kolhufushi Magistrate's Court.

Following his arrest, Atthaf was presented to Meemu atoll Muli Magistrate's Court on 4 July, with the prosecution arguing the culprit may attend to contaminate or dissolve evidence should he be released before the conclusion of a court trial.

Atthaf is further suspected of sexual abuse against the minor, following which the girl was confirmed to be pregnant.

According to the statutes in Maldives, the criminal penalty for the charges pressed against Atthaf will carry a jail sentence between 10 to 14 years.