Maldives Police Service have confiscated a set of electronic devices from the residence of former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed following the authority's raid.

Earlier, the embittered former minister was terminated by Maldives government following several sexual harassment allegations made against him by a group of female colleagues in the ministry.

Local law enforcement authority confirm the devices were confiscated in order to acquire all necessary evidence crucial for the ongoing investigation against the scrutinized ex-minister.

According to Maldives Police, they have confiscated Ali Waheed's laptop and his mobile phone device for investigative purposes.

Meanwhile several sources claim Maldives Police were attempting to salvage the CCTV footage from Maagiri Hotel; which apparently includes incriminating evidence against the ex-minister. However, the hotel has since denied any attachment to the case noting the guests total privacy remain their top priority.

Furthemore, Maagiri Hotel's managment claims it had not provided the police with any of its CCTV footage.

The ex-minister is alleged with multiple sexual harassment and misconduct against several female colleagues employed at the ministry. Some sources claim a total of 12 employees at the ministry became victimized by the former cabinet minister.

Earlier, several employees of the ministry lodged their complaints and details of the incidents with Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih; who then urged the former minister to tender his resignation.

However, Ali Waheed did not present his resignation in any formal capacity and was thus terminated from his cabinet duties. The government transferred the ministry's main duties and responsibilities to incumbent Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail, temporarily.

Meanwhile, the former minister who also acts as President of Jumhoory Party, have been urged by the party's leader and founder Qasim Ibrahim to resigned from his party designate. However, Waheed has not formally resigned and the party claims they were attempting to remove him from the party's affiliation.