The scholars congress of Adhaalath Party have met with Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof to discuss concerns regarding Uthema.

In a Tweet on Tuesday the political party confirmed high-ranking members of the party met with Minister of Youth to discuss Uthema's shadow report to United Nation's CEDAW.

The party is majorly concerned with anti-Islamic sentiments and commentary in the said report, which were against the principles and doctrines of the religion.

Meanwhile the party released a public statement aimed towards the much controversial shadow report by the women's rights activist network.

Uthema publicized the report following assessment on the social structure and status of Maldives and gender-discrimination towards women in the country. The network also highlights the state's intervention and subsequent discarding of pro-democratic Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN), following its controversial report.

The pro-Islamic political party claims Uthema had supported and favored MDN's stance while it had also mocked and lambasted sacred beliefs and doctrines of the Islamic religion.

Earlier the party had called out for immediate disolution of the advocacy network alleging it was promoting anti-Islamic narratives and encouraging locals towards religiously prohibited acts and practices.