The primary suspect of a bombing incident at Sultan Park, Abdul-Latheef Ibrahim has received a jail sentence following a recent confrontation with local law enforcement.

Abdul Latheef, who was released following his arrest due to links to the bombing incident at the recreational park years prior was convicted and sentenced for another crime, reports Maldives Police.

Authorities had attempted to apprehend him following an investigation related to extremists planning another possible attack. The conspirators were inmates at Maafushi Jail.

Moreover, local authorities claim the conspirators were attempting to compromise the national security of Maldives - although details regarding this have not been disclosed yet.

Abdul Latheef had refused to turn over his mobile phone device to Maldives Police upon apprehension, and destroyed the device instead of handing it over.

Maldives state found Latheef guilty of intervening officers on duty, and interrupting law and order. The Gan Magistrate Court sentenced Latheef to jail for a period of 1 year and 12 days for his conviction.