Health Emergency Operations Center Spokesperson Dr. Fathimath Nazla Rafeeq says the 80-year-old who died of COVID-19 yesterday contracted the virus from IGMH with more than 15 cases of the illness reported from the country’s main hospital.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Nazla said that the patient was tested positive for COVID-19 while under treatment at the ICU of IGMH and had since been transferred to Dharumavantha Hospital 11th floor DH11.

She also said that authorities are yet to identify how the hospital was compromised with 15 cases of COVID-19 now originating from IGMH. This includes 6 staff, 7 patients, and 2 relatives.

Yesterday’s death takes the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the country to 12 including 7 locals and 5 foreigners

HPA confirmed that 2491 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives although 2113 people have since recovered from the illness in the country.