Local Production House Dark Rain Entertainment has removed star actor Jumayyil Nimal from all the pending projects with the house amid allegations of sexual abuse and rape surrounding him.

In a statement, the production house said that it was shocked and appalled at the allegations of rape and sexual against him, an actor who has featured in a number of dark rain productions.

It said that it only became aware of these allegations as they surfaced on social media. It said that its last production is completed with him was already in line to be screened when the survivor came forward with these allegations.

It reiterated that Dark Rain Entertainment does not tolerate any acts or ideas contributing to sexual abuse and rape and insisted that it would remain in support of all survivors of sexual abuse and rape.

An alleged victim of the star had shared her story on Twitter and urged authorities to take action against the perpetrator.

These allegations surfaced a few years back but were quelled after a lack of evidence and key witness.