A silent protest has initiated at the premises of Maldives Parliament over lack of proper action taken against sexual abuse and rape cases in the country.

Some attendees at the public opinion session for the bill of Police Service, have participated in the protest while the session was underway.

Meanwhile, few of the members of the public who attended the public opinion session for the bill posed several questions regarding victim's safety and confidentiality in rape or sexual abuse cases.

Public had requested for a response from the Maldives Police as well as at the parliament regarding the current course of action towards such cases, while many expressed frustration towards lack of proper judicial remedies for victims and punitive measures for perpetrators.

Earlier, on Monday several members of the public, mostly youths, gathered in front of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services to voice their frustration towards government bodies for their apparent inadequacy.

Amid the Monday's protests, a few of its attendees were arrested by Maldives Police while officer had pepper-sprayed on four protesters.

The unnecessary force against harmless protesters by police officers have since directed harsh criticism from public.