Top psychologist in Maldives, Dr. Afiya has praised the anti-rape advocates for their continued efforts.

At the joint press conference by Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital and Prosecutor General's Office, Dr. Afiya acknowledges youths rallying together against sexual abuses and rape that has been rising in recent months.

She advised the anti-rape advocates and 'social justice warriors' to continue in their movement.

Meanwhile, Gender Minister herself Aishath Mohamed Didi had concurred to Dr. Afiya's statements and praised her stance towards the issue.

According to the minister, the public reserves right to protest and rally to address their concerns and such movements should be given the opportunity to breathe.

Earlier, on Monday several members of the public, mostly youths, gathered in front of the ministry's premises to voice out their concerns and frustration towards mounting rape cases in the country.

Many were upset over the relatively weak judicial framework, which has according to the public, failed to provide proper justice to the victims or punish the perpetrators.