Pro-Islamic political party, Adhaalath Party on Tuesday claimed the controversial report from pro-human rights network Uthema was a direct attempt to challenge Islamic values in Maldives.

The party further notes several attempts in Maldivian society to hinge the peace and harmony of an Islamic state, adding such initiatives had not surfaced any recently but been in plans for several years.

Uthema published their findings into a report on 20 April, voicing against injustices and inequality towards women in Maldives. The report was expected to be presented to United Nation's CEDAW committee.

Adhaalath Party claims the association's report had favored the much controversial and often claimed anti-religious report from Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN). Moreover, Uthema's report has vividly argued in mock fashion against Islamic doctrines and tenets.

Moreover, the party notes such acts should not be entertained in a fully Muslim community and advised the public to refrain from such acts of defiance against the religion.

Earlier, the religious scholar's association had called out for the immediate disbarment of the women's rights advocacy group for its continued apparent blasphemy.