Several members of the public have gathered in front of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services protesting against rape and sexual abuse.

The protests have sparked once again after a rape case involving an expatriate victim was reported to Hulhumale' Police Station on Friday evening. The alleged perpetrators were subsequently let go noting the authorities did not find substantial reason to keep them on remand.

Following the evidently poor management of the case by police, several members of the public have voiced their distrust and disappointment towards both police and the ministry.

The protesters on Monday afternoon carried slogans and banners with varying messages against rape and sexual aggression towards women and children.

Earlier on 2020, another similar protest initiated after a case involving a father, grandfather and great grandfather of an infant made the headlines. The three men were alleged of raping, groping and sexually victimizing the infant on countless occasions.

On Monday's protest, the protesters gathered wearing face masks, however the gathered crowd members were notably breaking social distancing protocols claims onlookers.

Meanwhile, authorities further urge public to avoid public gatherings or protests amid the pandemic's presence in the country. However, cases of rape and sexual abuse remain a sensitive subject while the public frustration keeps adding as such cases do not see the light of a court room for due process.

As such is the case with most recent rape incident, with the alleged perpetrators being let go by local police. Many are accusing state for intervening and alleging the authorities were attempting to bury the case as the suspects come from a higher social echelon.

Though no details related to an investigation has been disclosed, members of the public have started to point out the involvement of a sitting MP's husband in the case has resulted in political pressure to veer the case from being investigated further.

However, in a recent statement Maldives Police Service claim they remain unhindered in their efforts and were in fact devoid of any political pressuring.