Maldives Airports Company Pvt Ltd’s terminal Manager Ibrahim Hussain says 10 international airlines are expected to land daily when the country re-opens its borders under the new normal way of life amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing the parliamentary committee on State-Owned Enterprises, Hussain said that 10 airlines have so far reserved slots in anticipation of the border re-opening.

He said that these 10 airlines include airlines that most frequently fly passengers to the Maldives before it closed its borders for commercial flights due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Ibrahim Hussain said that so far Sri Lankan airline has proposed to schedule three flights per day while Qatar Airways have proposed to fly one flight per day once the borders reopen on the 1st of July.

He also said that starting from the 15th of July, Emirates has proposed to schedule a flight once a day while Ethihad had said that it wants to have a flight once a week.

He added Hongkong Airlines has also proposed to schedule two flights a week while Indigo has proposed to hold two flights per day.

MACL Terminal Manager also said that Singapore Airlines has also proposed to schedule one flight daily while Silk Airline has said that it wanted to schedule two flights per day.

He also said that Turkish Airlines has proposed to hold two flights per day for five days a week.

With the country gearing up for the new normal way of life amid the Covid-19 crisis, resort operators and tourist establishments are making arrangements to welcome back guests in July.